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The qmd® brand is a line of medical and non-medical equipment, which are characterized by their simplicity of use, but at the same time with a high technology content, constructed with high level materials, and well designed. 

Depth studies of scientific literature convinced us that the greatest potential for development can be reached in the therapeutic laser.

We have seen further potential in the cryotherapy and thermotherapy, treatments among most common in central and northern Europe. Also, by studies, it is useful and efficient combined therapeutic subsidies with a thermal imager. From the synthesis of these considerations were born the qmd® products.

Affiliate offices in the United States , Cryo One Corporation distributes the product world-wide.

What if you can change the way you look and feel with the touch of a wand ? Introducing Selene ! 

The future of thermalshock cryotherapy is here. Integrated thermographic technology, fat loss and pain management in one machine.

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When you purchase our product, you will receive training from our technicians to ensure you are able to deliver great results for your customers. But it doesn’t stop there. You will also receive ongoing marketing support that your customers will love.


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dei Marinai, 2 - 1-45026 Lendinara (RO) Italy

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